Ankle Mobilisation Techniques


This is an intensive 2 day course in Ankle Joint Complex (AJC) Mobilisation skills. Based around Maitland Peripheral Joint Mobilisation techniques these skills equip you to address a number of ankle joint issues where stiffness in the joint, and surrounding tissue, inhibits movement or recovery into performance from injury. 

This course is College of Podiatry approved for extended scope practice.

Course Content and Learning Outcomes

  • Treatment Directed Tests and functional tests – to assess range and quality of motion in all planes of the AJC.
  • Practically explore the AJC and the wonderful way this joint works.
  • Determine in which plane restriction of the tissues exists and how it contributes to dysfunction of the AJC.
  • Rehabilitate Injured Ankles – the use of simple joint movements to aid in pain reduction of the acute ankle injury.
  • Restore ROM and QOM to chronic ankle injuries and improve quality of gait.
  • Aquire eighteen mobilisation techniques to address the talocrural joint, subtalar joint and the superior and inferior fibular head joint including cephalic and caudad glides.
  • Each technique learnt equips you to restore the various accessory glides that should exist between the articular surfaces which can also improve muscle, ligament and tendon function.
  • A way to add further income streams to your practice.

Whats included?

It comes with Pre-reading PDF, manual, and videos of the techniques for post course use, extended scope practice for COP and BAPO members.


This course is suitable for:

  • Private and NHS practitioners
  • Podiatrists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Orthotists
  • Prosthetists
  • Sports Therapists

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Stratford upon Avon 9-10 May

Edinburgh 10-11 October

Ankle Mobilisation Course Testimonials

Thanks Ian. You’re knowledge, teaching skills, presentation skills are all fantastic – the course
has really helped to refine my skills.

Another excellent course from Ian with all aspects of ankle joint mobilisation covered in detail
and in easy to understand terms.

Great informal learning environment. Plenty of practical hands on, questions welcomed. Would
highly recommend to extend scope of practice.

Pace was good. Teaching style was excellent. I can now use these techniques in clinical
tomorrow. Very useful.

Excellent course with lots of practical aspects. Ian teaches it very well. Would recommend to
others to extend scope of practice.

Fantastic 2 days. Another excellent course that followed on nicely from the foot mobs. Looking
forward to the soft tissue in September!