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A Little About How We can Help 

Many of our podiatry MSK patients present with conditions that, working in conjunction with the patient,  we manage to deal with well. Some outcomes, however, leave both us and our patient a little confused as to why we are not getting the resolution we had hoped for. Perhaps leaving  practitioners looking for a further tool for the care pathway. A further option, especially when it comes to the leg, ankle and foot. 

The  good news is our Fascial Manipulation course brings a distinctive level of clinical reasoning and practical application which has certainly benefitted many podiatrists, and their patients. That additional option which is new to podiatric thinking for those who have undertaken it:

“I love this course. It’ll change how you work….in a good way”. Bob Longworth

Approved for extended scope* practice  by the Royal College of Podiatry (RCOP), the course brings considerable research and emerging evidence to our clinical processes as we work with patients in a Musculoskeletal care pathway. 

An example of the level of learning can be found in the video webinar on the Fascial Manipulation page in the course menu. 

The Fascial Manipulation course is:

  • Suitable for Podiatrists who wish to enhance their knowledge and practical skills.
  • Supported by research and emerging evidence of its role, as a stand alone modality, or, within a care pathway.
  • Applicable for many of the common low limb MSK presentations within podiatry. 
  • Prepared, written and presented by Prof Antonio Stecco (or suitably trained FM teachers).  
  • Immensely practical throughout as well as containing detailed theory. 

Our course provides opportunity for:

  • Podiatrists to up-skill and extend their scope of practice in the area of connective tissue anatomy, physiology, pathology and treatment. 

* Both Level 1 and Level 2 courses are approved by the Royal College of Podiatry (RCOP). This means podiatrists who are RCOP members have immediate extended scope of practice and are covered by their insurance. 



Client Testimonials

Thanks again for the three career changing courses…. you have facilitated a great shift and change in the way I view my future in this potentially great profession…

Ian’s use of language and approachability made this course an excellent learning experience and encouraged inclusivity of learning regardless of your level within the profession.