Foot Mobilisation Techniques


This 2 day practical training course offers a variety of mobilisation techniques for all joints of the foot, taking into account current thinking on foot function and how this impacts on our assessment of the joints concerned. In this matter It notes the work of Nester, Wolf, Lundgren and Huson.
In terms of intervention it employs techniques from Mulligan, Maitland, Conneely plus some of Ian’s own. It also takes into account aspects of working with the neurophysiology i.e. looking at how to employ afferent feed back to reduce muscle guarding issues.

Course Content

  • Treatment directed tests that help assess and aim to restore individual joint movement within the foot as well as restore functional mechanistic relationship between varied joint structures.
  • Explore the implications from outcomes of such tests in relation to clinical reasoning and appropriate treatment options for the foot and its presenting symptoms.
  • Employ 30, readily learnt and simply applied treatment directed tests and intervention techniques including how to use foot mobilisation for the learning outcomes listed below.

Learning Outcomes

Employ 30, readily learnt and simply applied treatment directed tests and intervention techniques including how to use foot mobilisation for the following learning outcomes:

  • Reducing increased stiffness in the foot post-injury, immobilisation or surgery.
  • Part of a treatment care pathway for rear, mid and forefoot pain, neuritis issues and ankle limitation of movement.
  • Techniques to improve quality of function of some hammer toes (using muscle energy techniques).
  • Simple and gentle techniques for restoring cuboid function and range of movement of the subtalar joint.
  • Improving quality of patients lives.
  • Add to the earning steam of your clinic.

Whats included?

It comes with Pre-reading PDF, manual, and videos of the techniques for post course use, extended scope practice for COP members


This course is suitable for:

  • Podiatrists, Private and NHS practitioners
  • Physiotherapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Chiropractors
  • Orthotists
  • Prosthetists
  • Sports Therapists

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London Feb 8-9

Liverpool July 4-5

Foot Mobilisation Course Testimonials

Absolutely excellent! Well worth the travel from Dubai!….Thank you.

Great course. Creates a new way of thinking in my approach to treating foot pathologies.

Ian is very easy to understand, will find this useful in clinical practice.

Ian’s use of language and approachability made this course an excellent learning experience
and encouraged inclusivity of learning regardless of you level within the profession.

Really enjoyed the course. Ian is extremely approachable and patient with his teaching. I would
highly recommend the course and look forward to attending the other courses too.

Very well structured course at sensible pace with plenty of opportunity to practice and clarify

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Feel it will have a significant relevance to clinic practice. Look forward to
doing the ankle course.

This will be the missing link in treating my patients appropriately. On a personal level – I am able
to evert my calcaneum and dorsiflex my 1st MTPJ for the first time in 15 years following an ATFL