About Us

Why Infigo?

Coming from the Latin, Infigo means:

to imprint, to fix, to fasten

Ian Linane’s Infigo courses have been designed to helpfully blend theory and practice in a way that can aid fasten in place some of the skills learnt. With this achieved attendees then reinforce and engrain these further by going back to clinic and implementing them.


Starting 6 years ago, at the request of friends, Ian set out to provide practical based manual therapy training for podiatrists, an area not possible to cover in detail at undergraduate level. This involved developing quite focused core material in soft tissue, foot and ankle joint mobilisation techniques.

With these in place and well received, Ian moved the evolution of Infigo to the next stage – skills development in assessment and intervention of the whole low body – Pelvis to toes – where it impacts upon foot function and gait. This involved bringing in other practitioners with the years of experience, ability to train others and with a commitment to keeping current with evidence informed practice. This development allowed Infigo to bring together manual therapy with current mechanics of foot function and functional exercise.

Today Ian works with this multidiscipline team of people delivering courses in manual therapy and rehabilitation. Courses which have also been attended by orthotists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and sports therapists.

2017 will continue to see further evolution to bolster manual therapy and rehabilitation training.


Ian’s Infigo courses have always remained independent, even when co-branding with others. This has worked because:

  • Suppliers: Ian has worked happily with companies that supply into the podiatric community.These companies have all recognised that education transcends any one person or supplier and have happily accepted that products other than their own may be mentioned in training, where that product is deemed to be useful.
  • Education: Ian and Infigo is happy to work with education providers where such working positively impacts upon the attendee experience and fits alongside Infigo’s ethos.