Plantar Heel Pain


The course manual and practical training on this 1-day course will introduce attendees to multidisciplinary perspectives for treating plantar fascial and heel pain conditions.

Learning Outcomes

  • The practitioner will given course documentation that will act as a learning aid for the anatomy and biomechanics and clinical assessment of the plantar fascia and relevant structures in the kinetic chain.
  • A functional assessment for plantar fascial problems will be taught and participants will become conversant with the principles and role of in depth assessment for plantar fascial conditions.
  • The practitioner will be shown and have the opportunity to practise under supervision a mix of soft tissue and joint mobilisation techniques that can be employed in treatment plantar fascial conditions.
  • The practitioner will be taken through an understanding of the usual biomechanical forces within the ankle complex, identify where these are compromised and learn how to address and treat these practically through various orthotic intervention options.
  • Attendees will be shown how to use exercise prescription to improve function and will be encouraged to develop problem-solving skills in functional rehabilitation.


This course is suitable for:

  • Podiatrists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Chiropractors
  • Orthotists
  • Sports Therapists

Dates and Costs for 2019


Cost: £500


In booking you:

1. Confirm you are a qualified registered podiatrist.

2. Agree to the payment Terms and Conditions and Privacy Terms listed on this site. 

Upcoming Events and Costs

*** Please note this course is not running in 2018. **

Plantar Heel Pain Course Testimonials

The combination of Ian, Phil and Alison was absolutely fabulous. It was great to be on a course
with other professionals and to see treatment plans from a different perspective.

This is  going to change the way I treat patients in the future, given me a lot to think about, enjoyed
the day a lot. Thank you.

Really enjoyed the practical element. Great to bring it all together. Creates lots of food for

Great course structure, lovely balance of physiotherapy and podiatry. Personally a perfect level
of information. Very relaxed but professional teaching style. Great balance between
practical”hands on” and theoretical teaching…. and….lovely food!!

Excellent! Really useful to have functional exercises and practical tips.

Fantastic presentation, well delivered, very relevant. Easy to follow with good explanations courses big thumbs up!

This has been a very empowering course…

Excellent course delivered in an easy to follow manner.

Best training in a long time. Practical element great, Well done!