Sports Injury


Whilst Infigo courses provide many skills that can be employed in rehabilitation of sporting injuries, we do not provided a sports injury specific course.

What we can encourage people to do is go to the excellent links below and become conversant with the latest in thinking around the areas of sports injury rehabilitation.

Whilst we recognise these sites to contain pertinent content we would emphasise we are not responsible for details and advice contained within them.

Sports Injury Resources

Bartold Biomechanics and Bartold Gold

Contact: Simon Bartold

“Bartold Gold is the Academy of Bartold Biomechanics, now regarded as the global reference for sports medical and biomechanics resources online. Through a series of studio quality videos, meticulously researched discussion papers, powerpoint presentations and exams, Bartold Gold offers highly focused courses for your educational needs.”

Running Research Junkie

Contact: Craig Payne

“I like to describe myself as a University lecturer, woo basher, runner, cynic, researcher, skeptic, clinician, rabble-rouser, dad.
Clinicians have ethical, moral and legal responsibility to make clinical decisions that are consistent with the best available evidence. In the area of “running” which a lot is happening and new research appearing at an increasing velocity. At the same time, the discourse consists of lot of rhetoric and propaganda from those with no clinical experience who hold very strong clinical opinions. Thanks to the internet we are experiencing an epidemic of counter knowledge which Thomson describes as misinformation packaged to look like fact, but that is demonstrably false. That is what this blog is about.”

Sports Podiatry

Contact: Ian Griffiths

In particular I can recommend Ian’s blog posts within his site. Well reasoned, punchy where they need to be, covering meaty subjects, with practical value.

Running Physio


Whether you’re a plodder or a speed merchant, an ultramarathon veteran or a running newbie this site is for you. Its aim is to offer expert advice in preventing and managing running injuries.